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Top 5 Touchscreen Car Stereo Systems In 2021 : Auto Tatva

So here it is, the 2021 edition of the best car touchscreen stereo system (car infotainment systems) that you can buy for your car. All of these systems come from reputed brands and support android auto and apple car play. The systems recommended here are under the budget of Rs.30,000. These systems are suitable for most car models that have a 2 din stereo setup cabinet. It is advisable to get the stereo installed from an authorized service centre or dealer who has proper expertise in installing the setups without damaging the car or de-voiding warranty.

Links to the touchscreen car audio systems, speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers:

Sony XAV5500:
Sony XAV7000 : (If budget is above 30,000)
Pioneer A34BT:
Pioneer 5290BT :
Woodman Neo5 :
Pioneer 2 Way Coaxial Speakers:
Pioneer 4 Coaxial Speakers:
Pioneer BassTube:
Pioneer 250W Subwoofer:
Pioneer 5 Channel Amplifier:
Sony 4 Channel Amplifier:
Sony 2 Way Component Speakers:
Sony 160W Subwoofer:
Sony Powerbox 800W 4 Channel Subwoofer:
Sony Amplifier:
JBL 100W Speakers:
Rockford Fosgate BaseTube:
JBL 1500W Subwoofer:

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Car Touchscreen Stereo Systems Recommendations with Android Auto and Apple Car Play.
Pioneer DMHZ5290BT :
Sony XAV AX3000 :
Blaupunkt New York 750 :
Kenwood DDX6016BT :
Blaupunkt Key Largo 970 :

Recommended Car Accessories:
For Cleaning & Car Care:
Car Charger:
Mobile Holder:
Micro Fiber Cloth:
Car Perfume:
USB Cable:

Recommended Motorbike Accessories:
Tank Bag:
Helmet Full Face:
Modular Helmet:

Action Cam:
Gorilla Pod:
Gorilla Pod:

Please re-check the features and prices for accuracy with a dealer in your area/city. Always take a test ride, analyze your requirement, and when completely satisfied with the product only then finally buy. Specifications, launch & other information may vary, exact will be known as and when the company officially announces or launches the product.

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